Top 3 Remote Working Challenges for Small Business Owners

Top 3 Remote Working Challenges for Small Business Owners

The Top 3 Remote Working Challenges for Small Business Owners

The past year has left business owners with countless challenges, forcing them to pivot again and again. Not only did COVID-19 threaten to leave their employees sick, but government lockdowns, additional safety regulations, and customer anxiety complicated things even further. And right when many businesses thought they had figured out how to overcome the latest problem, new ones reared their heads. This has been nowhere more obvious than when it comes to remote working.

By spring of 2020, it was clear that companies needed to consider ways they could move their employees remote. Remote working became the de facto solution. But many of these business owners did not realize the challenges that come along with remote working.

If you have found yourself in this situation over the past year, it’s important for you to realize that there are solutions to every one of these remote working difficulties. And if you approach remote working with the proper mindset and tools, you can maintain (and even increase) your company’s productivity while keeping your employees safely working from home.

So, what are the top three remote working challenges for small business owners?

#1: Provide Employees With Reliable Security

One of the greatest dangers to remote working is its vulnerability to cyber-attacks and cyber-threats. Since employees tend to be more relaxed at home, they are more likely to act in ways that leave sensitive data open to assault. Unsecured wi-fi networks, malware and ransomware, and the use of personal devices can lead to major problems for any business hoping to keep company and customer information secure.

Working Remote Security

But you don’t have to leave your business open to attack. The right security solutions, backup systems, web filtering, and security awareness training, you can ensure that your data is protected. Unleashing your employees to work from home does not have to leave you without proper IT security measures. It simply means you may need to change how you implement them.

#2: Take Advantage of Teams and VoIP to Streamline Collaborations

One of the best things about working in an office is the power of collaboration. Employees can discuss projects together, communicate quickly and easily, and meet on the fly. Remote working makes collaboration and company communication less personal and more prone to stalling out.

But with the right tools, you can keep your employees connected no matter where they are. Microsoft Teams and the power of VoIP can streamline every aspect of your business’s communication strategy, boosting the ability of your team members to set goals and work on projects together.

#3: Mazteck Can Assist You In Selecting The Right Software

For many businesses, 2020 has been the first foray they’ve had with remote working. This lack of experience has left them scratching their heads as they comb through YouTube videos and webpages, searching for IT advice they can trust. There are a limitless number of software and hardware options available… so, which one is the right one?

By taking advantage of an IT consultant, you can be confident that every piece of software and hardware you purchase is the right one for your business, your goals, and your company culture. An IT consultant can help you accomplish what you want at a budget you can afford. And you do not have to browse dozens of videos or articles to do it.

While all three of these remote working challenges can pose major problems. They do not have to throw a wrench into your plans. Simply call Mazteck today at 973-272-2324 to learn how we can help you discover everything you need. Mazteck can help to navigate the ever-changing seas of today’s business world.