Cybersecurity and Why it Matters to New Jersey Small Businesses

Cybersecurity and Why it Matters to New Jersey Small Businesses

If you're in New Jersey, cybersecurity should be on your business radar. Without protections against cybercriminals in place, your and your clients' sensitive data is at risk of getting breached. Data breaches are dangerous and expensive and could cost you your entire business. Luckily, your organization can implement information technology solutions, change the way data is stored and use other advanced practices to protect essential data.

In this article, you'll discover the definition of cybersecurity, learn why online crime is on the rise and discover some tips to help protect your company against threats to cybersecurity.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity means protecting New Jersey businesses' computer networks, systems, programs and devices from cyberattacks launched online. This type of crime is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the threat to businesses is greater with each year that passes unless the necessary protections are put in place. Artificial intelligence, social engineering and emerging technology are evolving and giving new opportunities to criminals based on the internet.

In today's connected world, technology drives business and facilitates practically everything we do on a daily basis. We're constantly interacting with digital information, entering log-in credentials and potentially putting ourselves at risk of breaching private data. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to attacks, but so are the cloud and shared networks.

Keeping customers' financial data safe is just one element of cybercrime. Employers need to protect employees and implement new technology to meet business needs while preventing systems from cyberthreats in New Jersey.

Areas of Cybersecurity

Information security isn't just limited to protecting your New Jersey company's software. It spans all domains and devices that are connected to the internet. Below is a list of the five main areas where cybersecurity matters most:

  • Applications: Phone apps are a major emerging source of online crime. While it's the responsibility of app developers to secure applications, employers can put additional security measures in place to find, fix and enhance security.
  • Internet of Things: Information is everywhere, and with smart devices, this has never been truer. Wearables, smart speakers, appliances and anything else with a Wi-Fi signal is potentially vulnerable to cybercrime. IOT security uses next-generation protections to keep all devices in your network safe.
  • The cloud: With rent and the cost of office space consistently increasing, a lot of data is stored on the cloud these days. While this is great for storing data without needing physical space for servers and hardware, it poses an additional threat to information security.
  • Disaster recovery: Disaster recovery is an essential aspect of New Jersey cybersecurity because it deals with the aftermath of a cyberattack or natural disaster. With a disaster recovery plan in place, your company is ready to recover operations with minimal financial loss in case of a cybersecurity breach.
  • Network security: Network security is the measures in place across your internet network, including user names and passwords for social media and email accounts, as well as the network itself.

Why Is Cybersecurity Important?

With society becoming increasingly reliant on technology, the need for high-quality security measures is becoming more urgent. Data leaks of sensitive information such as credit card information, Social Security numbers and bank account details are much easier with many people opting to save credentials using cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

We rely on computer networks, software and applications for the day-to-day running of businesses, whether large or small. With the rise in use of cloud storage services, the IOT and smartphones, the size and scope of security threats at work are continually rising. With so many brand-new threats to security and cybercrime on the rise, it's clear to see why cybersecurity is so important for modern businesses.

Why Is Online Crime Rising?

There are a number of reasons why cybercrime is on the rise, but there's also a simple answer. As people's personal and business lives continue to move online, the criminals follow. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches because they're less likely to have the necessary protections in place. However, technology creates new opportunities for criminals to attack businesses and steal information, so a rise in internet crime is inevitable.

New technology, including the IOT, cloud computing and a dark web full of information for hackers and other cybercriminals to reference, provides many opportunities for malicious agents to access data. What's more, with such a huge pool of data online, there's more at stake than ever before. Companies don't just hold a hundred or so people's credentials — they have thousands or millions of global customers whose sensitive information is at risk. The potential for such huge data breaches makes cybercrime even more appealing to criminals.

How to Protect Your New Jersey Business Against Attacks

Despite the alarming nature of cybercrime, it's not a surprising phenomenon. Wherever there's money, there's likely to be crime. There are measures you can take to protect your business’s and customers' data and keep your operation free of data breaches.

Educate the Workforce

The first step is educating your employees on what cybercrime is and how it could affect business and personal information. Human error is the number one cause of data breaches, but with expert training and guidance, you can practically eliminate this risk.

Protect Sensitive Data

Aim to implement tools that limit data loss, and continually check for leaked credentials and data exposure. Any data leak could potentially provide an opportunity for cyber-attackers to access your networks and steal sensitive information. Leaks via third- or fourth-party vendors are the biggest risks, so be sure to invest in putting the necessary protections in place.

Hire IT Security Experts

Unless you can afford to add a new cybersecurity subdivision to your IT department, we'd recommend enlisting help from an organization that specializes in cybersecurity. It's well established that cybersecurity should be a priority for New Jersey business owners, and working with an IT company with a specialty in online crime can make all the difference.

Cybersecurity in New Jersey Matters More Than Ever

New Jersey cybersecurity is more important than ever, and now you know why. Get in touch with Mazteck IT today to implement robust protections for your business's and clients' data.