Why Mazteck Is Your Top Choice for Your Business’s Cybersecurity Needs

Most small business owners wear many hats due to personal investment in their companies and a genuine knack for essential tasks like implementing cybersecurity measures. But as time goes on and your business grows, you may find those once-simple tasks more complex and time-consuming. When you reach that point and need some outside help to protect critical data, we're here to help. Consult this list when you want to know why Mazteck is your top choice for your business's cybersecurity needs.

Protects Sensitive Data for Small Business Owners

From sensitive human resources files and word processing documents to confidential financial files and electronic spreadsheets, both large and small businesses hold the security of employee, client and customer information alike in their hands. No business is immune to data breaches, so large or small, you have additional security obligations when you process payments or handle sensitive data. Fortunately, Mazteck IT helps by protecting business computers with anti-malware and antivirus software and eliminating avenues for hackers and data thieves to gain access to your computer network.

Provides Training on Social Engineering Attacks

All the malware protection and antivirus software in the world can't protect businesses from social engineering cyberattacks — that requires teaching employees how to not be particularly easy targets for hackers sending phishing emails. Many attacks happen due to something as simple as an employee clicking a link they think is from a coworker or client when it's really unauthorized individuals seeking administrative privileges to your business computers, Wi-Fi network or payment systems. In addition to 24/7 monitoring and support if sensitive information gets compromised by phishing attacks, Mazteck IT excels at providing training in best cybersecurity practices so employees know what they're up against and how to avoid it. We also implement best practices like each employee having their own separate user account and using secure letter, number and character combinations to password-protect access to their emails and company computer.

Scales Up for Growing and Larger Businesses

Though small businesses might not hold as much confidential digital information as larger businesses, security policies that protect sensitive data are still important — especially for growing e-commerce companies and financial institutions. Mazteck IT features standard and premium plans well suited to many businesses, no matter their size. All our plans include standard features such as 24/7 monitoring and support, management of software patches and updates and scanning for malicious code, but premium plans also enjoy cloud backups and a disaster recovery plan. We also offer VoIP phone systems for added security and convenience to our clients.

Limits the Need for In-House Security Staff

Small businesses need all the help they can get with cost controls, and Mazteck IT assists you in this quest by providing high-quality protection for business computers at a consistent price point. You always know what to expect from our cybersecurity company thanks to transparent pricing and plans that suit your budget. Additionally, using our security services to protect your network name, business computers and wireless access point against malicious software and cyberattacks saves small and larger business owners the expense of hiring in-house employees to handle IT tasks.

Aids in Compliance With Government Agencies

Best practices for network security for regular businesses require strong passwords plus compliance with certain regulations set forth by government agencies. This means you need to keep careful records, use validated tools and isolate payment systems from unsecure networks. Additionally, the Federal Communications Commission has strict regulations for some businesses, especially financial institutions, that make secure programs with anti-fraud services necessary. Mazteck IT handles the heavy lifting in this regard by helping financial institutions manage the paperwork and protection details.

If your small, medium or large NJ business needs help with IT, call Mazteck for a consultation today at (973) 272-2324. We offer fuss-free security, scalability and efficiency with an eye toward helping your company grow and thrive through effective cybersecurity that relies on best practices.