Are You Taking An Expensive Gamble With Your Company’s Critical Data And Network Security!


To Find Out, See If You Can Say "Yes" To These 5 Simple Questions

  1. Are you absolutely certain that your data IS being backed up DAILY to a secure, remote location?
  2. Does your IT person conduct a TEST RESTORE of your data at LEAST once a month – and then give you a report to validate all the data is there?
  3. Do you know exactly how fast your network could be back up and running if your server broke down or a disaster happened?
  4. If you had to access your data in an emergency, would you know how to even if your IT guy wasn’t around to help you?
  5. Does your IT person give you a weekly report to verify your network is being monitored 24/7/365 for hackers, viruses, and even internal attacks?

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

If you are like most of the Executives I talk to, chances are you can’t give a confident “Yes” to these simple questions about your company’s back up and network security. Even though your IT systems and data are critical to every aspect of running your business and serving your customers, most owners will confess that they do not know all that much about this important area of their business and are purely hoping that their current IT person “has it handled.”

     That’s why I’ve sent you a poker chip with this letter. You could be taking a BIG gamble if you don’t know the answers to these basic questions.

Hope Is NOT A Good Strategy!

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Since switching to Mazteck’s monthly service, our computers run far smoother and faster. I don’t need to worry about my network going down or if my data is backed up. If something does arise, Mazteck addresses it instantly.

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