Technology Support for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms

Technology solutions that perfectly align with your teams, projects, tools, and budgets

Mazteck offers outsourced IT solutions that enable your firm to leverage industry-specific software packages and manage huge volumes of atypical files such as blueprints, renderings, and project plans. Collaboration is critical in this sector, so we offer managed cloud solutions to let you securely share and edit all your project documents with multiple teams and sites.

All of your firm’s applications and data need to be quickly restorable in the event of planned or unplanned downtime, so Mazteck can help you implement automated backup and disaster recovery processes to ensure business continuity and your peace of mind. Our comprehensive technical support for architecture, engineering, and construction firms allows you to focus on your projects and clients, not your IT maintenance.


Mazteck’s A/E/C sector IT services include:

  • Remote 24/7/365 monitoring by certified Mazteck technicians
  • Cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions
  • Powerful cloud solutions and as-a-service virtualizations
  • Multi-site security including the latest in surveillance systems
  • Vendor management to ensure you get the best rates and service
  • Fixed monthly plans that enable you to pay only for the technology and services your firm needs
  • Business continuity planning with effective backup and disaster recovery services
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Regardless of the industry you’re in, an unreliable business technology will hurt your productivity, reputation, and bottom line

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