Cyber Security Solutions NJ

Complete data protection and malware countermeasures for your network, endpoints, email, and documents

Protecting networks and data is critical to the survival of any organization. Stolen or lost data can derail projects and damage your reputation; loss of network access will stop your operation in its tracks. In the years that Mazteck has been providing IT services in NJ and NY, we’ve built a solid cybersecurity strategy that utilizes the best industry-standard practices and tools.

Mazteck will create the best security solution for your industry and individual needs. We begin by performing a vulnerability assessment to identify your system’s weak points, then implement the appropriate tools and protocols to ensure your cyberdefense. After that, the detection process runs 24/7 to block and counter all types of threat.

Mazteck's Security Services include:

  • Vulnerability tests – identify weaknesses that cybercriminals can exploit
  • Anti-malware solutions – detect and eliminate viruses, phishing, and spam
  • Data protection – protocols to ensure backups are redundant and robust
  • Web filtering – control employee access to potentially harmful sites
  • Email filtering and encryption – block email-borne attacks and protect messages enroute
  • Security awareness training – develop active vigilance against common hacking schemes


  • Datto
  • BBB A+ Rating
  • Bitdefender
  • Avast
  • Dell

Ransomware: A Unique Cyberthreat

Unlike other malware, a ransomware attack can’t be handled by reactive measures. If it gets past your cyberdefenses, it will lock you out of your files and email. The usual responses to a cybersecurity breach — updating antivirus software, changing passwords, canceling credit cards — have no effect and cannot unlock or de-encrypt your data. The most typical scenario is a demand for money in exchange for a return of access.

Mazteck has a huge amount of experience preventing ransomware attacks and helping clients who have already fallen victim reach the best possible outcome. These crimes are on the increase, so don’t hesitate to contact us today — we can quickly assess your situation and ensure your organization is protected.

Mazteck Ransomware Support includes:

  • Guidance through recovery from an attack so you don’t re-infect your IT environment
  • Awareness training so you and your staff do not fall for spear-phishing campaigns, the most common way for criminals to deploy ransomware
  • Defensive tools to protect your endpoints, even if a user clicks on a ransomware link
  • Cloud backups and cloud security assessments to ensure your hosted services are safe