Always available, pleasant and has been able to resolve all of our issues

We've been customers for over 15 years, I would highly recommend Mazteck because one of the biggest benefits using this firm is that we are always able to reach them, and our problems are always resolved immediately.

Kerry Kruse Owner

Extremely knowledgeable in both the IT department and phone systems

Mazteck has clarity troubleshooting any problems that have arisen. Proven to be extremely knowledgeable in all IT and VoIP issues, one phone call makes it easy for us to keep our office running smoothly. We have recommended Mazteck to two doctors and a title company, in each case I received a phone call thanking me for the great referral. Mazteck has impressed all three of them.

Tom Johnson Tom Johnson CEO

New Jersey’s Leading Housing Authority IT Company

The largest benefit to our Authority since using Mazteck is that the firm is very responsive to our service requests. Within minutes, Mario and his team answer a phone call or an email and are working to solve the problem. Since they work with a large amount of housing authorities, Mazteck is up to date on all housing software. If someone is on fence about choosing them, I would simply tell say, do not make a mistake and choose against Mazteck. I would say they are hands down the best Computer IT firm I have used in my 29 years at the Authority.

Joseph L. Mauro Joseph L. Mauro Director of Operations

Best in Class Customer Service

A large benefit, along with all the others, is using Mazteck for both Housing Authorities is the Customer Service and reliability we receive when we have an issue or even just a question. I have NEVER had an issue reaching someone. The staff has always responded and addressed issues very quickly. Just based on their customer service, I would always choose Mazteck without hesitation and I would advise others to do the same.

Joe Capano Joe Capano, PHM. Executive Director

Instant Response Time!

A beautiful benefit while using Mazteck is the ability to assist our needs quickly. Whenever we need help with an issue, someone from the staff always picks up or calls back immediately. They can login remotely and resolve our issues instantly! I have worked with Mazteck for 15 Years and referred my friends and family to use Mazteck and don’t think twice.

Renee Chesley Renee Chesley CEO

Great Work at a Great Price!

Working with Mazteck has saved our Housing Authority time and money. Whenever anyone from our staff has a question or issue, Mazteck responds quickly and doesn’t charge us for every little thing.

Irina Matveevskii Irina Matveevskii Executive Director

Personal Touch

Mazteck’s Customer Service and response time is second to none. They address concerns quickly. They care about their work and take pride and always add a personal touch, unlike other IT companies that just want to treat us as an open trouble ticket.

Tony Feorenzo Tony Feorenzo Executive Director

Very Professional and Thorough

When I call Mazteck, they answer immediately! Mazteck, walks me through everything, and takes the time to fix issues from start to finish. If you are not computer savvy, Mazteck does not make you feel like uncomfortable when you ask the simplest questions. Mario and his staff are very personable and professional.

Grace Dekker Grace Dekker Executive Director

Well Oiled Machine!

Since switching to Mazteck’s monthly service, our computers run far smoother and faster. I don’t need to worry about my network going down or if my data is backed up. If something does arise, Mazteck addresses it instantly.

Jacob J. Awad, Esq Jacob J. Awad, Esq LAW OFFICE of JACOB J. AWAD

If You Are Looking for The Best Mazteck Is It!

The largest benefit is by far their Customer Service! Whenever we need Mazteck, they are here for us. We never have to wait to have any of our questions answered or issues addressed, and Mazteck makes sure that our business is running as smoothly as possible. We have worked with other IT firms and you never get the same person helping, what makes Mazteck unique is the one on one service. You get to know Mario and his staff, and they know your network inside and out. If you are looking for the best, Mazteck is it! They have enhanced our offices with a new phone system that works great for our specific needs. The new phone system allows us to communicate between all our locations very efficiently and with ease. When it comes to IT support all issues are addressed and fixed right away, so our business is undisturbed for a very short time or if at all.


Instant Response Time

Very easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and response time is almost immediate. Mazteck is very accessible to their clients, which is important since response time is a key element when a customer has an issue that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for an IT company, give them a try; you won’t be disappointed!

Carol Ferrara Carol Ferrara LODI HOUSING AUTHORITY

Would Never Use Anyone Else!

I’ve worked with Mazteck for over 10 years at multiple Housing Authorities. Mazteck currently supports our IT infrastructure, security camera system, and phone system. They are professional, knowledgeable, responsive and well-priced. I would highly recommend Mazteck!

Domingo Senande Domingo Senande Executive Director

Quick and Knowledgeable!

One of the major benefits in using Mazteck for our computer IT and phone service is their speed of responding, and we always get someone to respond to our calls. They usually get the issue resolved right away or give us a time frame to when the problem will be solved. In the 12 years we have worked with them, they have been highly dependable and wouldn’t recommend anyone else. They are honest and deliver on promises every time!


Understands Us and Understands Our Business!

We have been using Mazteck for our computer network for 15 years. They always analyze the issues on hand and recommend a course of implementation. The entire team pays attention to details and listens to my employee’s requests. I would recommend to other CPAs out there to meet with Mario and understand that he has the knowledge and experience to make the best recommendations that result in cost efficient and productive changes!

William Katchen William Katchen WILLIAM KATCHEN CPA LLC

Great Services at a Great Price!

We have used several IT companies in the past and none of them have the experience and knowledge as Mazteck. Before, we used to have a technician come in on a weekly basis to fix a problem. But since using Mazteck, we have fewer issues, and our employees are more productive. With one flat fee per month we ended up saving money and get better service. I’m glad we made the switch. Thank you Mazteck!!! productive changes!

David Shenouda David Shenouda Owner

Every Company Should Use Mazteck Managed Services!

As a Medical Billing company, we work with a lot of sensitive information. Mazteck has secured our systems and have fixed issues other IT companies haven’t. As much as we love seeing Mario, we don’t see him as often because everything is constantly monitored and I’m as easy knowing my company is safe. I don’t know what I would do without them!

Lorna Gabriel Lorna Gabriel Owner