Text Messaging for Business

90% of people open an SMS message compared to 20% opening an email

A text service for business can help transform your company by assisting you with streamlining communications, reaching more customers and gathering data. With 90% of people opening an SMS message compared to 20% opening an email, and texts having a much higher response rate, it’s clear to see why your business should consider text messaging for business.

Let’s take a look at more ways Mazteck IT’s mass text messaging for business could serve your company.

Text Service for Business Features and Solutions

  • Send SMS messages: You can send mass text messages through email or via the SMS API.
  • Auto-reply: Auto-reply lets your customers know you care with an immediate, personalized response.
  • Keywords: Reply, forward and subscribe messages from customers based on keywords in the message content.
  • Marketing SMS messages: Send marketing emails with offers, discounts and incentives.
  • Analytics: Track responses, conversions and sales from SMS messages from your text systems for business.
  • Reminders: A text reminder service for business can save you serious money on lost revenue, giving you time to replace and reschedule canceled appointments.
  • Virtual numbers: Never use a personal number to send business text messages again with virtual cell numbers.
  • Automated scheduling: Send messages at just the right time to maximize conversion.
  • Security: Services are secured by HTTPS and SSL, and messages and contacts are securely backed up.
  • Text to speech: Design a text message and convert it to a phone call to reach anyone around the world.

Benefits of Text Messages Services for Business

Below are just a few of the benefits of text services for businesses.

Connect Immediately and Directly

SMS is one of the most immediate ways to reach your customers, and SMS campaigns offer an excellent ROI. Customers are happy to hear about deals and offers, provided you get the frequency right and hit the right tone.

Learn More About Customers

Customer feedback is one of the most effective ways of improving your customer experience and fine-tuning your operation so you make more money. You can send out customer surveys and get genuine feedback fast.

Integrate With Other Channels

Having a varied marketing mix is essential for success, and business text messaging integrates well with social media and email. For instance, you can use SMS messaging to follow up on an email campaign or gather email addresses or subscriptions.

Track, Monitor and Improve

You can use the analytics gleaned from SMS campaigns to optimize your mobile database and improve marketing efforts. You can also profile responders and categorize them according to who responds best.

Text Messaging Software for Business

If you’re looking to implement a business text messaging service into your company’s marketing strategy, get in touch with Mazteck IT today.

Sending Receiving Pricing
400 400 $29.00
700 700 $49.00
Unlimited Unlimited $79.00